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ITWS India provides data entry services of all types which includes Image to text conversion into following available formats:

  • HTML
  • CSV
  • PDF Searchable
  • MS Word / DOC / RTF
  • MS Access / MDB
  • MS Excel

And we provide the further image editing tasks like:

  • Image selection and filtering
  • Image cropping
  • Scanning
  • Merging and overlay of images
  • Image manipulation
  • Image editing
  • Retouching
  • Sharpening and contrast
  • Color balancing
  • Restoration
  • Resizing
  • Adding watermarks or logos
  • Improving resolution or compressing images

Our services enable the clients to conduct complete text search and enables them to make required changes as well. PDF to word conversion and vice-versa can also be completed by our professionals. Each and every stage needs great attention, as none of the valuable data should be lost. By outsourcing your PDF conversion projects to us you can be sure of receiving quality and accurate results for your works. We offer results in fast turnaround time and ensure complete work satisfaction. In case you are not happy with the same we will do the job again unless you are sure about the services that we provide.
We offer the following PDF Conversion services:

  • Hand written documents into PDF
  • GIF and BMP files into PDF
  • Scripts into PDF
  • Word to PDF Conversion
  • PDF to Word Conversion

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Every order comes with a report of the places that we have submitted your website to as well as the login information.

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If you are looking for high-end data entry or data processing services, then We are the right choice for you. We are bound to provide highly accurate services for simple data entry requirements. We adopt a unique online data entry approach and make use of the best of available technologies so that we can offer the best quality of data with fast turnaround and excellent quality.
What you get:

  • Online data indexing, editing, copying and pasting
  • Fast and accurate online e-book entries
  • Creating online data entry catalog
  • Creating data entry from any image files

We make use of fast internet connectivity so that we can always provide fast and accurate services. If you want more online security and convenience, then our expert professionals can work on your systems directly. If you opt for such service from us, then you will get a peace of mind that your vital information and data are safe from unsolicited copying, downloads and access.
We are capable of conducting online data entry from the web to web format or image/paper to web format. We have expertise in retrieving and enter data online, search for online resources and get adequate data from those sites. We can also handle other specific tasks like online catalog preparation by:

  • Internet searching
  • Retrieving online data
  • Source ULRL identification
  • Generating information
  • Removing portions that are not relevant
  • Adding images of the product

We also enter data from the Internet or from any printed medium to create an online database. Our professionals can efficiently handle customized list, email mining and internet research. In addition, we ensure to increase your productivity by gathering various information such as product research, investor information, contact information, market survey, market research, updating the textual description, rewriting, image editing, and much more.
What works in our favor is the fact that we work according to the specific needs of our clients. We understand what our clients need in details and then provide adequate service and support 24/7. We also offer customized support for online data entry services that include VPN, FTP server, remote access, etc.
If you are looking for a cost effective and reliable data entry firm then Data entry services outsource is the right choice for you. You may outsource your data entry project to us via filling up our contact form or E-mail us directly to

We also provide offline data entry services. In these services, the Internet is not used rather the experts gather information or raw details to a word processor or a database program according to the requirements of the clients. We assure that the offline data entry services that we deliver are free of error and the turnaround time is faster as well. Moreover, the professionals at the quality control department verify the entered data to confirm the standard of the quality. When all these processes are completed, we deliver the data to the client in his/her preferred format.
we provide:

  • Filling out offline forms
  • Data entry from different formats like .xml, .doc, PDF, etc.

Our clients get benefits of various types of services such as the collection of data, collection of lists of URL, filing out offline forms, etc.

Q. Who can get our offline data entry services?
A. Clients from different fields and industries use our service.

  • Physicians
  • Lawyers
  • Financial and Accounting organizations
  • Legal firms
  • Educational institutions
  • Health care centers
  • Advertising and publishing companies

No matter your project requirement is long term or short term, we, at Data Entry Services Outsource, can offer best solutions for both. We ensure the timely submission and highest standards of work every time. No matter how complicated the requirement is, our experts can proficiently handle the issues and offer high-end offline data entry services every time.

The best part is that, you donít have to worry about the cost of our services. Our price is the most affordable and competitive that you will find. If you want more information about our offline data entry services or want to work with us, you can contact our customer care department anytime you want. The friendly experts at the customer support team are available to answer all your queries regarding offline data entry. If you are looking for a cost effective and reliable data entry firm then Data entry services outsource is the right choice for you. You may outsource your data entry project to us via filling up our contact form or E-mail us directly to


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Important Information: We like to be frank with the results of Data Entry. We try our best to bring 100% accurate results that you want but even after some scrutiny on this subject, there is always margin for errors which comes out to be 3%-7%. However we keep on working to increase it upto 100%, which definitely takes time. Data Entry and Data mining projects are always time consuming, so it necessary to be patient in bulk orders. This is the reason we provide you with exact and real-time costs and days needed, instead of providing general reports.

If there is something extra to be done and that is not mentioned on the website, then you can directly submit your queries to us through Project Discussion Form or Contact Form. We are always ready to help and complete the work up to the mark of satisfaction.

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